Alex Reinhardt


The “star” of the class with the best marks can only get the most profitable job, can’t he?

In his teenage years Alex emigrated from Russia to Germany with hardly any German language skills. Learning the German language and culture proved to be extremely difficult and led to his teachers predicting a professional future as a tiler. Alex, however, had set himself higher visions and goals for his future.

Alex Reinhardt

It was to be a hard time that demanded willpower, diligence and steadfastness from him. While others went out to celebrate, he learned a completely new language and the universal lesson of never giving up.

Alex Reinhardt had far higher visions and goals for his future, as others wanted to impose on him, and through his constant commitment, a decisive milestone in his life was reached: He was admitted to the legendary Humboldt University to study economics!

The fascination with the success stories of his lecturers, who built up millions of companies before giving master lectures for students, inspired him to work as a consultant for start-ups.

After successfully completing his business studies, he was completely immersed in the world of financial technology, evaluating and testing every progressive business model until he arrived at the business plan that earned him the respect of professional business investors and ultimately opened up the opportunities he had been working towards all those years before.

This willingness to give more, even though the light at the end of the tunnel is not yet visible – that’s exactly what makes him a human being here and now, against all the prophecy his environment has tried to impose on him.

Today Alex Reinhardt inspires hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to change their lives in a positive way, not to be restricted and to realize their dreams with all their strength.

After several years as a successful businessman, serial entrepreneur, venture investor and business coach, he is a role model for all those who want to achieve more, especially in the business sector. For him, true leadership means: leading by showing! Authentic, he shares his knowledge with the world and gives added value to those who also want to reach their highest potential.

Serial Entrepreneur

Alex Reinhardt’s principle: “If you want to become a multimillionaire, you have to learn to say YES to everything. If you want to be a billionaire, you have to learn to say NO to everything.”

Venture Investor

As a venture investor, Alex always has an eye for future-oriented projects. Thus he is actively and passively well invested in the blockchain and Fintech sector.


Alex Reinhardt is convinced that “all the answers and all the powers a human being needs to develop his full potential are inherent in him from birth”.

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