Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Investor & Business Coach

Alex Reinhardt

Get the maximum out of a company? As a Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Investor & Business Coach, Alex Reinhardt’s spectrum is a combination of the most effective skills to lead a project to success. Whether NLP, Psychology, Sales or Leadership, his repertoire is broad and straight from the practice! More than 500.000 people worldwide have been enthusiastically captivated by his performances so far. Alex’s seventh sense for profitable investments and industries have made him one of the most successful FINTECH entrepreneurs.

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Alex Reinhardt learns from the best!

As a business coach, leader and speaker, Alex Reinhardt has mastered the training and courses of the world famous TOP coach, Tony Robbins, with flying colours. Whether Bodo Schäfer, the Milton Erickson Academy or various trainers from the NLP field – Alex Reinhardt has always chosen the best in the world to learn from them.

What is especially important to him in his coaching sessions is the autonomy of his counterpart. Not to interfere concretely in their world, but to let the other person experience for himself how he can grow further and orientate himself towards a happier life by means of specific question techniques of hypnosystemic consulting.

Serial Entrepreneur

Alex Reinhardt’s principle: “If you want to become a multimillionaire, you have to learn to say YES to everything. If you want to be a billionaire, you have to learn to say NO to everything.”

Venture Investor

As a venture investor, Alex always has an eye for future-oriented projects. He has actively and passively well invested in the blockchain and fintech sector.


Alex Reinhardt is convinced that “all the answers and all the powers a human being needs to develop his full potential are inherent in him from birth”.




Congress centre

On 17 – 18 May 2019, Alex Reinhardt will hold a coaching session for over thousand people at the Congress Centre Prague (Czech Republic).

Participants will experience:

  • How to make money with modern technology
  • how to successfully build a business
  • where to find motivation and resources.


On April 23th-24th, 2019, Alex Reinhardt will participate as a speaker at the 3rd Blockchain Life Conference to be held in Singapore. Up to 5000 participants are expected to attend, including representatives from CoinMarketCap, Cointelegraph, NEM, NEO, KuCoin Exchange Russia, Gravitas Holding and others. Alex will talk about the current status of the crypto industry, the future prospects and opportunities available to everyone. The ELVN Messenger will be the main partner of the conference. 


Blockchain Life 2019



On November 7 and 8, 2018, the international conference Blockchain Life 2018 took place in Saint Petersburg with over 4000 participants. Well-known people from the industry such as Roger Ver (, Anatoly Kaplan (ForkLog) and Tony Vays (trader and analyst) were present as speakers. Alex Reinhardt’s focused during his presentation on issues such as the dismantling of the crypto community and the growing fragmentation of the community. Not only did he address the current problems, but he also provided a solution to the problem, through the ELVN Messenger, which is intended to act as a bridge between the crypto industry and new users.

Blockchain Summit London 2018



On 26 – 27 June 2018 Alex Reinhardt appeared as speaker at the Blockchain Summit 2018 in London. During his presentation he shared his vision on the prospects and opportunities of the crypto industry. Alex Reinhardt also addressed existing market problems, such as lack of infrastructure and user distrust. He introduced the ELVN Messenger as a solution that rewards user activity with crypto currencies.

Blockchain Summit 2018




On May 28, 2018, Alex Reinhardt appeared as speaker at one of the most prestigious crypto forums worldwide, the BlockShow Europe in Berlin. The BlockShow featured world-renowned speakers such as Wikipedia Jimmy Wales, TechCrunch editor-at-large Mike Butcher and co-founder of BTCC Crypto Exchange Bobby Lee. During his presentation, Alex Reinhardt spoke about the issues surrounding community building and growth. He presented the ELVN Messenger, a tool to act as a link between the crypto world and potential users.

BlockShow Europe 2018



Alex Reinhardt was speaker at the Russian Blockchain Week 2018, which was held during May 21-25, 2018 at the Skolkovo Technopark in Moscow. More than 70 top speakers, including representatives from QIWI. Sberbank CIB Mail.Ru and Get Crpyto were present. Alex Reinhardt presented a solution concept how to attract new users to the crypto industry, namely by means of the ELVN Messenger. Alex trusts that this messenger will become a gateway to the crypto world.

Russian Blockchain Week 2018

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